Welcome to the Budget Office at the University of Utah

The University of Utah’s budget is the result of a process, beginning in Fall Semester when the President and Senior Vice Presidents work with the Utah Board of Higher Education to prioritize budget initiatives. At the same time, the Utah Board of Higher Education submits materials to the Governor’s budget office, beginning the first phase of budget negotiations with the State of Utah. The process integrates Regents’ decisions about tuition rates, financial aid, capital projects, and principles guiding the allocation of resources. In late March, following the legislative session, allocations are made for academic and administrative units.

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University of Utah Budget Principles


The mission of the Office of Budget and Planning is to provide the primary support to University leadership in identifying, obtaining, and allocating the resources needed to achieve the University's mission and the goals and objectives of the University Strategic Plan through sound budget and management practices, extensive financial planning that supports management decision making, and the development of innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Reporting directly to the President, the University of Utah Office of Budget & Planning supports the University community in accomplishing its goals through the planning and allocation of financial and physical resources, and by providing analysis and information services to enhance university decision-making, planning, and policy formation. The office of the Budget works closely with University stakeholder groups and advisory bodies such as the Administrative Budget Advisory Committee (ABAC), the Campus Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC).

  • Provide timely and accurate information and recommendations to support effective and informed university decision making and communications.
  • Provide centralized processes, systems, and education to secure resources, expand information awareness, improve decision making capabilities, and promote equity across the university.
  • Support a knowledgeable and professional staff that supports centralized services and cross-campus collaboration.

The Office of Budget & Planning supports and implements goals set forth by the Board of Regents, President, and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs by:

  • Acquiring, analyzing, and sharing knowledge
  • Ethically managing the financial and data resources entrusted to the University of Utah
  • Cultivating an environment where growth, renewal, and risk-taking are supported
  • Fostering relationships with institutional and external partners based on trust, understanding, and shared commitments
  • Improving accountability and transparency to ensure information is clear and accessible, and University of Utah stakeholders such as students, faculty, and staff play an active role in institutional governance