Budgeted student credit hours differ from our Student Credit Hours since contract courses and courses that CECE offers through its direct pay mechanism are excluded.  The former are self-sustaining and therefore not included in SCH calculations within the budget model.  The latter, which CECE uses to balance the curriculum at the off-campus sites, are assigned to CECE within the budget model.  In addition, we have excluded all students who were dropped for non-payment of tuition, House Bill 60 students, any student not taking the course for credit, and any student with an official withdrawal from the course before the census date. Study Abroad courses are listed separately and are handled by the International Center.

Reallocation Instructions: This page is designed to allow colleges to view the budgeted student credit hours (SCH) assigned to courses and reallocate some or all of the SCH to another subject. To request a reallocation of SCH, please email sharayne.farnsworth@utah.edu with the course subject, course number, section, and how you’d like redistribute the SCH. The PDF reports for previous terms can be viewed on our Archive Page. (You may need to widen your browser window to view the entire dashboard. If you wish to download data from the dashboard, instructions are at the bottom of this page.)

** Reallocation Requests for Spring 2020 are due by end-of-day Thursday, July 2 **

Download instructions:
To download a CSV file (to open in Excel), you must first click anywhere on the SCH table itself. Then select Download at the bottom of the dashboard. Select the option for Crosstab. (If you don’t click the table first, Crosstab will be greyed out.) You’ll then be able to download the file.

To download a PDF, click the Download button at the bottom of the dashboard. Then select PDF from the menu. In the Download PDF dialog, you need to select Specific sheets from this dashboard in the Include dropdown. Then select Main SCH Table and click Create PDF.

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