Howdy! Your friendly neighborhood web guy is painfully aware of the problem with the missing Statistical Summaries, for which I apologize. One update lead to another, then another, until a number of features took short walks over long cliffs. I’m running with the accordion system below for access to the summaries, but it is going to take a bit of time. The University of Utah has electronic copies of 42 years worth of the Statistical Summary in its various and sundry forms. If you need copies of a year to which I’ve not yet gotten, please drop me a line using the Webmaster Email link. 

Statistical Summary Reports contain a wide and relatively comprehensive variety of institutional information for an academic year. The Office of Budget of Institutional Analysis (OBIA) has been generating Statistical Summaries for the University of Utah since 1964. Statistical Summary reports from 1975 to present are posted on the OBIA. Many categories are broken out by academic level, gender, age group, residency status, etc. The following categories are posted in the reports for the past 20 years, although exact tables have changed over time:

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