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Access to personally identifiable data is centered on legitimate educational needs to perform administrative, research, academic, and/or other official responsibilities. Reports, analyses, and data dispersed are unofficial and for internal use only unless noted otherwise.

Time and Workload: We strive to be readily available for your data needs and requests, regardless of our current workload from other partners. However, the more inquiries that are in your request queue, the longer it will take to complete additional requests. Point-of-contacts have full autonomy to prioritize which requests should be done first.

Helpful Tips For Requests: Be specific and detail-oriented. Share your knowledge when appropriate; you have the most insights and knowledge about your college/department/program (i.e., historical changes, new programs, program/major requirements, etc.). Take the time to consider all the potential variables or data points needed before submitting the request. This improves turnaround time and workload efficiency. Unsure about what data you need or can get? We can schedule a meeting to brainstorm and consider all possible options.

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